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The presentation of a fairytale: "When mum told me lies"

The children’s book “When mum tells me lies” went ‘live’ at a special event in the auditorium of the Oncological Centre for Children on 16 February 2017.

On the initiative of the wife of the President of Greece, Mrs Sissy Pavlopoulou, the book’s author Sophia Dartzali, together with actress Angea Frangos, presented the story to the hospital’s young patients. And Mrs Pavlopoulou later presented the fairytale to all of the children.

The President of the Association of Friends of Children with Cancer "ELPIDA", Mrs. Marianna V. Vardinoyannis welcomed Mrs Pavlopoulou who was accompanied by her daughter , Maria Pavlopoulou.

"Today - a day full of smiles and hope - our hearts are joined through children's literature and an act of humanitarianism,” Mrs Vardinoyannis said. “And we owe this to Sissy Pavlopoulou who not only wanted to let our young patients enjoy a wonderful children's book, but also ensured that they get to know the book’s amazing author, Sophia Dartzali, and to hear the beautiful story from Angela Frangos."

The book, which features illustrations by Sandra Eleftheriou, was ‘brought to life’ in a live narration by actress Angela Frangos, explaining, in the most simple and direct way, the strength and understanding that unites all mothers regardless of language, religion or color and sending a strong message against racism and xenophobia.

Marking World Childhood Cancer Day on 15 February, Mrs Vardinoyannis presented Mrs Pavlopoulou with the ‘Golden Ribbon’, an international symbol of the battle against childhood cancer.

“Mrs Pavlopoulou,”she said, “is ELPIDA’s most special friend HOPE and the greatest ally of our game right now, having embraced our work so lovingly and with such a deep sensitivity from the moment we met.

“Having her with us again today, to stand by our children and their parents, makes her connection with "ELPIDA" even stronger.”

Mrs Pavlopoulou expressed her thanks and said: "Every time I come here I feel excitement and satisfaction seeing the smiling children smiling and their calm parents and what they owe to those who work here."

Mrs Dartzali was awarded the "ELPIDA" honorary plaque in gratitude for organizing the event and for her contribution to the "ELPIDA" project. "I feel great joy and emotion to be here in this place that is filled with hope and with your true love for children," she said.

The event was attended by the Director of the Agia Sophia Children's Hospital, Manolis Papasavvas, the Scientific Director of the "Vision of Hope" Volunteer Bone Marrow Donors Bank, Dr. Stelios Grafakos, and "ELPIDA" Board Members, Ino Konstantopoulou, Katy Metaxotou, Katy Philippidou and Vicky Philippou.