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The Ambassador of Egypt visits the "Marianna V. Vardinoyannis-ELPIDA" Children's Oncology Unit

On Monday 22 July 2013 at noon, Egypt's Ambassador to Greece Mr. Tarek Adel and his wife Mona visited the Marianna V. Vardinoyannis - ELPIDA" Children's Oncology Unit in order to sign a Memorandum of Collaboration between Children's Cancer Hospital Egypt and the Marianna V. Vardinoyannis - ELPIDA" Children's Oncology Unit.

Welcoming ELPIDA's gusets, the President of the "ELPIDA" Association of Friends of Children with Cancer Mrs. Marianna V. Vardinoyannis warmly thanked the Egyptian Ambassador for his contribution to the work of the "ELPIDA" Association ,and stressed that the collaboration between these two hospitals is one more landmark along the age-old friendship that links the Egyptian and the Greek people. "Today," said Mrs. Vardinoyannis, "we are carving a new path which will lead to a better world, a world which is friendlier towards children. Our collaboration with Children's Cancer Hospital Egypt, which is considered one of the best in its field in the treatment of childhood cancer, is very important, since it will give new impetus to the exchange of scientific knowledge and experience, adding yet another powerful link to the chain of twinnings between the world's major hospitals. We believe that technology and science can abolish the borders between countries and it is our duty to use this privilege in our struggle against childhood cancer. No child should be forced to leave its homeland in order to be cured. Knowledge must be free and shared by all... "

Closing her speech, and aware of the fact that Mr. Tarek Adel's tenure as Egypt's Ambassador to Greece will end in a few days , Mrs. Vardinoyannis wished him success in his new post in the service of his coutry, and expressed her special thanks to ELPIDA's guests who, only a few days before leaving Greece, sought to visit the Children's Oncology Unit, express their support for the Association's work, and contribute to the realization of this important agreement. Moreover, Mrs. Vardinoyannis made special mention of the invaluable assistance and cooperation of the Director of Children's Cancer Hospital Egypt Dr. Sherif Aboulnaga in the twinning of the two medical institutions.

Taking the floor, Mr. Tarek Adel thanked Mrs. Vardinoyannis for her warm welcome and the gifts she offered him, and added: "It gives me great joy that, before completing my tenure in Greece, I was given the chance to realize my wish to visit the Children's Oncology Unit and to share with the children being treated here and their parents their hope for a better future. Word of your legendary work – and I do not refer only to the hospital's performance but also to the immense psychological support you offer to the families of the children suffering from cancer – has reached my country, where we too are making huge efforts to save children stricken by cancer. That is why I am very happy to have participated in the twinning of the Aghia Sophia Children's Hospital and the Children ' s Cancer Hospital Egypt , which is known worldwide as 57357 Hospital. The name derives from the number of bank accounts that were opened in order to raise money for the hospital to be built, thanks to the efforts of the Society of Friends of the Cancer Institute, whose members include businessmen, doctors, public figures and celebrities. I too believe that the Memorandum of Collaboration we signed here today constitutes one more alliance between Egypt and Greece in the field of health, reinforcing the friendship between the two countries and sending a message of peace and solidarity in all directions.It would be an honor and a joy to once more welcome you personally and the ELPIDA Association's medical team to Cairo. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the honor you have done me here today. For me, it will always symbolize in the most meaningful way my tenure in Greece – a tenure filled with beautiful memories from your hospitable country. "

Mrs. Vardinoyannis then invited Mr. Adel to place the Egyptian flag on the Peace and Hope map, and explained: "As you can see, on this map we color in the countries taking part in the twinning program and pin their flags on them. Our aim is to color in the entire map and to place as many flags as possible, honoring the countries and our collaboration with them. "