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An Art Exhibit with..."ELPIDA" (Hope)

The art exhibit showcasing works by students of Painting Workshop A of the Athens University School of Fine Arts organized at the Moraitis School over the three-day period 27-29 April was a resounding success.

The exhibit was the result of an initiative by three students of the Upper Secondary (Lykeion) first year class of the Moraitis School, Ioannis Giannakoulis, Alexandros Kambis and Giannis Nikiteas who came up with the idea of putting art in the service of humanity, on the one hand by supporting new artists and giving them the opportunity to present their work and, on the other, by donating part of the proceeds from the event to support the "ELPIDA" Association of Friends of Children with Cancer.

The president of the "ELPIDA" Association Mrs. Marianna V. Vardinoyannis opened the exhibit on Friday evening in the presence of many members and friends of the Association, professors and students from the Athens University School of Fine Arts as well as parents and students of the Moraitis School.

"The initiative taken by Ioannis, Alexandros and Giannis," said Mrs. Vardinoyannis, emotionally, in her brief talk, "to organize this extraordinary exhibit, their enthusiasm, their determination every step of the way and the sensitivity they have shown in wanting to help the children of "ELPIDA" speak deeply in my heart and make me feel even prouder of them! Throughout the course of our collaboration I took such pride over their efforts to enrich this action of theirs, to find solutions so that everything would be perfectly organized, to program every detail and to join forces with the students of the Athens University School of Fine Arts both so as to support them as young artists on the threshold of their careers at such a difficult time for Greece, as well as to make their voices on behalf of "ELPIDA" resound even louder through art and youthful visions. Tonight we share with them and with you: Joy because their efforts have been crowned with such success. Emotion because these children stand facing us with such maturity and kindness as the guiding spirits behind this initiative but are also among us as young friends and supporters of "ELPIDA". Optimism because the young people of our country are becoming independent and undertaking their own initiatives for altruistic goals.   Admiration for the moral stature and level of culture and education of these children whose actions are a lesson to us grown-ups while at the same time inspire and set an example for children their age. Which is why I should extend special congratulations to their parents and teachers."

Mrs. Vardinoyannis did not fail to thank and congratulate the young artists of Painting Workshop A of the Athens University School of Fine Arts as well as their professor Angelos Antonopoulos. As a matter of fact she said characteristically:

"The work that is being done at the Athens University School of Fine Arts by the contemporary and worthy followers of a long tradition and an immense contribution to our country's culture is today acquiring form in the works of the new generation of artists many of whom will no doubt constitute, in a few years, our country's great painters. I wish them every success in their journey and in their dreams!"

It is worth noting that the exhibit included 160 works by 52 artists (49 students and 3 professors at the Athens University School of Fine Arts) of which many were sold in the course of the three-day exhibit.

Those present at the exhibit included: The publisher Mr. Giorgos Bobolas and his wife Mrs. Anna Bobola, Mr. Lukas Giannakoulis and his wife Mrs. Maria Bobola, the journalist Olga Tremi and her husband Mr. Nikos Nikiteas, members of "ELPIDA" such as Dr. Ekaterini Metaxotou, professor of Genetics at the Athens University Medical School, Mrs. Eleni Samara-Konstantakatou, Mrs. Ketty Filippidou, Mrs. Becky Stravelaki, Mrs. Dina Pritsiveli, Mrs. Georgina Ellina, et al.